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Dear loyal and wonderful customers, We are beyond grateful for your visits, chats and smiling faces during our time aboard The Paper Boat on Loch Tay. We have had the most wonderful time, we have made thousands of coffees, buns and gallons of soup. We made great friends and memories, we got married and started a family, it has been a surreal, exhausting but incredibly positive experience for us both and we could not have survived without you. We also thank you for respecting our young team, for most of our staff it was their first job and hopefully they can go on and do amazing things your kindness and patience has been appreciated. 

Change is good. Change brings opportunity and hope.

THANK YOU!!! and See you again,

Alex and Bridget Martin 

The Paper Boat on Loch Tay will permanently close on the 31st October 2022. Until that day the coffee machine will be on and we will do our best to provide hot drinks to anyone passing by. There might even be some fresh baking if we have time!

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